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How Screen Time is Used At School

How Screen Time is Used At School

Technology is reshaping student learning, communication and interaction. With digital technology comes screens--and they often get a bad rap. We think about how and why we use screens in school, focusing on active screen time, where students use their brain and body vs. just passive screen time. We use technology to make learning better.

Screen Time at School

At school, we consider what technology and content students will use, how they are using it and why they are using it. Screen time varies based on what a student needs to learn and the student’s age. Digital learning is one set of tools used to meet learning goals and standards in school. 

Passive Screen Time vs. Active

Not all screen time is equal.

Passive screen time is when you watch or listen to something without thinking or doing anything. You just take in the information.

Active screen time is when you use your brain or body while using a device. You might answer questions, make something, draw, create videos or move around. This is one way students improve their language, learn how to talk to people and get better at being active.  

Why We Use Screens

Easy Access for Everyone! 

Devices like Chromebooks, iPads, or classroom display panels come with helpful features. These include tools like translation, text-to-speech, or adjusting how words look through size and style. This helps all students.

All students learn differently. Technology gives students options in how they learn and how they show their learning. 

Future Ready Skills!

Our students are preparing for a future that keeps changing. We might not know what jobs will be there, but we do know students will need to use technology to communicate, create things, and learn new information. 

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