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The Standards-Based Grading Difference

The Standards-Based Grading Difference

All schools in Highline are implementing a new instructional approach called Standards-based grading.

The state sets standards for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. Standards-based grading (SBG) measures a student’s learning of specific standards. 

Traditional grading gives students points for individual assignments or effort, but SBG shows a student's progress toward learning standards. 

Students have multiple ways and opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a content area. It may take students more than one attempt to meet a standard, and that is OK.  

Grading is not based on behavior or how long it takes to demonstrate learning. The grade is based on how close your student is to meeting the learning goals.

SBG ensures that grades reflect a student’s academic performance and understanding of the material, rather than their behavior or effort. This results in a more accurate representation of a student’s abilities and progress.

Visit our website to learn more about SBG.