Madrona appreciates any new or gently used uniform donations.

The students of Madrona are required to adhere to the specific dress code that was adopted in 1996. Madrona Elementary Uniform standards are intentionally conservative to help students focus on learning. Only the articles listed below can be worn for the Madrona uniform. Clothing may not be tight, oversized or revealing. Clothing must be neat in appearance and worn appropriately. All staff is responsible for monitoring uniform compliance. Hats, scarves and gloves are worn outdoors only, not in the classroom or building. Coats are not allowed to be worn in the building during school hours. Bandanas are not allowed.

Uniform Colors

  • Red
  • White
  • Navy

Uniform Policy

Shirts – Colors: solid red, white or navy. ONLY short or long sleeved collared polo-style shirts.

  • No emblems, embellishments, logos or writing.
  • All shirts may be no shorter than waist length.
  • Layering of shirts can only be solid red, white or navy.
  • Shirts are NOT to be worn inside-out.
  • Madrona wear is allowed (purchase through Madrona PTA) (MSP Shirts are allowed)

Sweaters and Madrona Sweatshirts – Colors: solid red, white, or navy

  • Cardigan sweaters are allowed (no hoodies)
  • Madrona sweatshirts are allowed (purchase through Madrona PTA)

Pants/Capris/Shorts – Colors: solid navy or khaki

  • Pants are to be the correct size and worn at the waist.
  • Pants should not sag or be form-fitting, and should be no more than one size larger in the waist.
  • Cargo pants are acceptable.
  • Pants must be hemmed, no frayed or torn items.
  • No jeans or denim material is allowed.
  • No logos, writing adornments, accessories, straps or decorative stitching on pants.
  • No leggings

Skorts/Jumpers – Colors: solid navy or khaki

  • Skorts/Jumpers must not be shorter than finger-tip length (arms extended down at sides)
  • Must be worn at the waist
  • Must be hemmed, no frayed or torn items

Belts – Solid color

  • Must be worn through belt loops and may not hang down


  • Must be closed-toe


  • Athletic, dress or knee socks must be solid colors
  • Girl’s tights must be solid white or navy blue and cover the entire foot (no leggings)

Head Coverings

  • No hats, hoods, etc.
  • Exceptions will be made for religious reasons
  • Madrona appreciates any new or gently used uniform donations.

Uniform Compliance

If students are not in uniform compliance:

  1. Students will be required to call home. Parent/guardian is expected to bring the appropriate clothing to school.
  2. If parent/ guardian contact cannot be made, we may provide a loaner uniform depending on availability.
  3. Madrona will return your street clothes once the loaner uniform is returned.