Madrona appreciates any new or gently used uniform donations.

Our dress code demonstrates that Madrona Elementary is a community committed to the academic success and safety of all students. Fostering a learning-focused, professional atmosphere in the school means minimizing distractions and maximizing the opportunities for students to show school pride and dignity.   

Students are required to adhere to the dress code policy on school property including the busload zone and during arrival and dismissal times. 

Uniform Colors

  • Red
  • White
  • Navy

Uniform Policy

Tops: Shirts, Sweatshirts & Sweaters


Solid navy blue, white, red, and spirit wear


·         Solid colors only

·         No letters, or writing adornments (Madrona spirit wear OK)

·         No sheer or see-through fabrics.

·         Madrona spirit wear includes: Madrona crew neck sweatshirts and t-shirts


Pants & Shorts & Skirts


·         Solid navy blue, khaki, red


·         Skirts must be at least knee-length.

·         Solid color only

·         Correctly sized (no sagging) and no holes




·         Closed toe only

·         No slippers

·         No cleats


Hats, hoodies and Do-rags


No hats worn inside the building. Do-rags are considered hats. All clothing with hoods must be removed in the building.




·         All outdoor wear must be removed by 8:45 and kept off while  inside the school.


Madrona spirit wear T-shirts and Madrona crew neck sweatshirts will be available for purchase during the year through PTA.


On Free Dress Days, clothing that causes disruption of the educational process will not be allowed.  Some examples are:

·         Clothing with inappropriate language or images are not allowed.

·         Shorts, skirts, and dresses MUST be knee-length.

·         Shirts MUST meet the waistband of skirts or pants.

·         Shoes, accessories, hats and outerwear policies still apply on Free Dress Days. 

No scarves-unless worn for religious reasons

No blankets


Accessories that cause distraction, send unspoken or inappropriate messages, or impede learning will be confiscated.

Uniform Compliance

Interventions and Consequences

Students not following dress code may result in:

·         A call home for a change of clothes immediately during the first 15 minutes of school. If parents are unable to provide a change of clothes for the student, then the student will be required to wear loaner clothes, if available.

·         A parent conference.

·         Student receiving an office discipline referral resulting in loss of privileges

The school reserves the right to determine if items not mentioned in this document are potentially dangerous, promote or encourage violence or hate, advertise inappropriate messages, are gang-affiliated, or disrupt the educational environment of the school.