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Bicycle Unit

Every year our 4th - 6th graders have an opportunity to hone their 2-wheelin' skills in our bicycle unit.  Cascade Bicycle Club provides our students with 30 single speed bikes & helmets for an entire month.  Whether our students are learning to ride, or become safer riders, this unit is often the most looked forward to activity of the year! Parents, please read This Letter for more information about this unit's learning goals.

Check out these videos: Bike Safe! Bike Smart! and First Gear: An Introduction to Bike Safety: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4

Top 10 Safety Tips:

  1. Helmets:
    Always wear a helmet when you ride a bike.

  2. Ride Right:
    Ride on the right, go with the flow of traffic, and in single file.

  3. Signs, Signals, Laws:
    Obey traffic signs, signals, and laws.

  4. Turning:
    Look back (scan) for cars and signal before turning.

  5. Driveways:
    Always stop at the end of your driveway; look left, look right, then look left again, before entering the road.

  6. Communicate:
    Use eye contact, hand signals and voice to communicate.

  7. Hazards:
    Watch for hazards, like car doors, potholes, and animals.

  8. Be Predictable:
    Ride in a predictable manner.

  9. Lights at Night:
    If you have to ride at night, use a white front light and a red rear blinky light.

  10. Clothing:
    Wear bright clothing, shoelaces and pant legs tucked in.