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Madrona Elementary School
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College and Career Information

High school graduation is not the end of our students' education; it is just the beginning. The jobs of the future will require further learning after high school, and we want students to be prepared for the pathway that they choose. Highline is intentionally focusing beyond high school graduation, to prepare students to successfully complete some form of education after high school. All of our students will have a career in the future, and most of them will need some college to get there - technical training, a 2-year degree program, a 4-year degree program or beyond.  All are good options!

Has your child started thinking about his or her future?  It's never to early to start thinking about college and a future career!  Here are some helpful websites to get students started thinking and to help students find information on specific colleges and careers.

Graduate! Highline is a community-driven movement that brings parents, educators and citizens together to drive up Highline's graduation rate.

Ready, Set, Grad helps students as young as 6th grade begin planning their journey to college and beyond. 

Check Out A College provides information on all 2-year and technical colleges in Washington state.  

Apprenticeship Washington provides kid-friendly information on what it takes to be an apprentice and earn money while you're learning career skills.

Career Bridge is a great tool for college and career planning, and provides very detailed career information for Washington state.

Big Future allows students to research and compare different colleges and careers from all over the country.

The College Bound Scholarship program is an early commitment of state financial aid to eligible students who sign up in 7th or 8th grade and fulfill the scholarship pledge.

Read more information on college and career readiness in Highline.